Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 10 Worst things you can say on your First Date

10. “You know my ex-girlfriend didn’t liked my dad, who raped me when I was 14. She even thought that’s weird.”

9. “Sorry for asking, are you pregnant?”

8. “My imaginary friend likes you too”.

7. “I’m just so tired of dating prostitutes and strippers, they was too hot for me, so I decided to give you a try.”

6. “Are you sure we’ve never met before? Oh, I see it now; perhaps I dated your sister with that big noise.”

5. “I just got out of jail, could you pay that bill?”

4. “You’re so beautiful; you look just like my mom! I wanted to bring her today, but unfortunately she couldn’t come.”

3. “You want to have sex? Great, just checking, is it for free?”

2. “Will you marry me? No? I’m gonna kill these voices in my head.”

1. “I love you. Where are you going?”