Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your boyfriend is cheating with your best friend? Top 10 Revenges!

1. Stop calling her “best friend”, she is not even your friend, she is cheating with your boyfriend for God’s sake. And if a man cheated on you once he will cheat on you twice, so from now on start calling him a pig.

2. Don’t tell pig that you already know everything, because making a scene won’t help. It’s better do things behind his back. That way you will have some fun.

3. First, you need to find his weakness and strike at the right time. So if he is very sensitive to something or has an allergy, you can easily use it.

4. Actually it’s not a very good idea but you could do exactly the same, like dating his best friend.

5. Another way to revenge is to find what this cheating bustard is really care about and destroy that thing “accidentally” of course. P. S. If he has a dog, and he really cares about it, please don’t destroy it, because I like dogs. Cats are good to go.

6. If you think he doesn’t care about anything, you are wrong. He definitely cares about his car.

7. Next tip is cruel but I’m sure you will have some fun. Just tell him a little secret that your “best friend” is pregnant and watch his reaction. Probably he will have a heart attack. I would.

8. If you have a friend who works as a policeman or even an FBI agent, it’s a lot of opportunities. I’m sure you know some of his secrets, if not, just use your imagination and your cheating boyfriend will end up in jail for a day or even more.

9. You can use an internet. Just upload his photo to the several adult sites or if you really hate him you can make an youtube video from his name saying that he hates bikers and thinks that they are all pussies. Leave his real telephone number and address and I guess he’ll get even more than he deserve. But if you still think it’s not enough or want him suffer not physically, but emotionally you could always make a video saying that he’s an impotent.

10. Don’t do this. It’s like a nuclear strike and the worst thing you could ever do “kick him in the balls several times”. I didn’t tell you that.

If you don’t like any of my tips just watch Godfather or ask yourself “What would Eric Cartman do?” It’ll inspire you for something really amazing. Don't break the law and have some fun.